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Lives do indeed matter; black lives matter as do yellow lives, white lives, brown lives, red lives and all colors of humanity that make up the human spectrum. Black Lives Matter or BLM, has no pertinence to the human condition. It is purely a political organization designed to overthrow the government of the United States. Founded by self -professed Marxists, Patrisse Cullers and Alicia Garza. It is a revolutionary organization working against the national interests of American citizens and business organizations such as the NFL and NBA, who fell unwittingly into their trap ofVirtue Signaling. It seduced countless Americans, again unwittingly, to fall in lockstep with raised fists, to the march of international solidarity, the banner cry of  communism.

Amusingly and sadly too. while marching in lockstep, those people and companies pulled out their wallets and checkbooks and sent a flood of money to BLM which quickly put those monies to work against the same benefactors by continuing to fund the revolutionaries in the street working to overthrow the Constitutional Republic.

When setting up shop on the internet, Cullers and Garza were self-professed Marxists and openly professed their intentions on the Internet. They were quick to change the description of BLM on the internet when the money started pouring in and their original proclamation of being active Marxists quickly disappeared and a new description appeared: Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation

The New York Post , however, brought to light a film document highlighting the true intentions of the founders, yes, the truth beknown. The avalanche of money pouring into BLM either corrupted Cullers and Garza and swept them away from their revolutionary intentions or the two took BLM’s true intentions into hiding to mask its actual purpose. The latter is obvious because the concurrent tidal wave of money into Democratic Party coffers raises the suspicion that the money has found its way into the revolutionary purse.

.How did BLM’s Rise From Relative Obscurity happen?

Like many well-organized revolutionary organizations, BLM was patiently waiting for the one moment they could use to ignite the spark that would set off a fire that would be fueled into an inferno by the media. The unwitting death of George Floyd by a police officer applying a form of choke hold while Floyd was under arrest was that spark; well organized violence followed immediately and cries to defund the police instantly followed.

It was perfect for BLM. The incident occurred in an election year and it occurred in Minnesota the home of Keith Ellison, an anti-police activist since college and current state attorney general. It was perfect. And perfect it was, as the flames lit up Minnesota cities and cries of “Defund the police” rang in the night and following days. The pattern was set. BLM ‘s militia Antifa, arrived and with military precision set up the riot parameters setting the pattern for other cities with Democratic political leadership to follow.

Ellison, quickly appeared on the scene. His writings in Forward Motion, a socialist magazine tell us where his heart is and what makes it beat. Racism in conjunction with anti-police rhetoric is the formula that seems to excite him and he uses it with the abandon of a soldier throwing hand grenades in the face of a massive assault. It is something he learned from the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground. The Democratic 2020 Party Platform is a playbook for their tactics. Ellison, a senior official in the Party surely had a hand in

drafting it.

In its 2020 Platform under the guise of healing the soul of America, the Democratic Party uses a tactic only Satan himself would have devised: scorching the soul of America with hate and casting blame on others.

The Democratic Party Platform of 2020 is an ammunition factory for doing combat with the intention of dividing the nation. Racism – the use of the “r” word that is fast losing meaning was passed out like hand grenades to those eager to do combat. Those rushing to the front lines like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and every other politician eager for the camera’s attention, a headline, or a talking point on a perceived propaganda press, started throwing it. It stirred dark emotions and it worked, a quake -like divide began to separate the United States. Emotion rather than intellect seemed to govern the left; it functioned on a hate factor of President Donald Trump which was born full form in the election of 2016 in which the Democratic Party expected different results.

A Democratic induced fable of systemic racism arose, never quite illustrating its existence. Built on the weakness of the individual who might, in his, or her, heart, feel a dislike for another human being for what he or she is. It is something the grenade throwers may well feel themselves. It is called bigotry. That exists when someone hates another for being a conservative or a Christian or a Jew or a black person, or a yellow person, a red person et al. It does exist, it is as old as the human condition. It is a weak need to feel better than someone else. But only one known political system for it exists. and that known system of hate is in the Democratic Party. Ironically, its use of hate as a political weapon has sadly made it the only known political system dispensing hate.

The death of George Floyd was a happening for which BLM, ANTIFA, and the Democratic Party were hoping; the firebrands of racism, anti-police distrust and President Donald Trump hatred could be melded into a fiery mass that would scorch the American earth. Irony again, however, intervened. The death of George Floyd may not be quite what it seemed. The pressed knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck was witnessed by America because a nearby citizen had the means to record it and did so. It appeared that it was the police officer’s inappropriate knee pressure that killed Mr. Floyd. Apparently not so.

The resultant autopsies, private and municipal may indicate different findings as the actual cause of death. The trial, in which Keith Ellison may take to the stage to prosecute the police officers may have surprising results to many members of the general public. The American Spectator recently published an article by George Parry in which Parry brings to the public the findings of the autopsy of George Floyd. Surprisingly the autopsy indicates that Mr. Floyd died from a cause other than the knee pressure supplied by the arresting officer Derik Chauvin. The author of the article George Parry is a former Federal and state prosecutor. From 1978 t 1983 he was Chief of the Police Brutality/Misconduct Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, which investigated and prosecuted use of deadly force by police.

The findings of the court may astound the American public, a public that was swept up in a tidal wave of virtue signaling that enriched the very people working to take away from them their most precious asset, their Constitutional rights.

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