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Dante, Shakespeare, Pelosi, Hell and General Mattis.

Facts do not matter when political forces are on the march. Words more than guns are the weapon of choice, they are more lasting and hurtful, for the wounds they render may last throughout time, the damage of the bullet ends at the grave.

The words of President Donald Trump to the tens of thousands of Americans on January 6 were free of violence, the violence that followed was not by his suggestion or deliberation nor by the vast multitude that gathered that day. A small number perhaps prompted by dark urgings climbed the walls of the capitol for reasons not yet made known. It was a relative few of the vast multitude, hardly the collective and supportive voices of Donald Trump. And hardly an insurrection. Some miscreants are now in custody, the facts may soon be known.

Our nation is divided, a dangerous time for any nation; history shows that a great nation divided has met the necessary prerequisite for national decline. These are not words of divination but rather a citizen’s cry for caution, for the pages of history are rife with the causes for the decline of great nations. The United States may be at such a perilous time. Those in Washington who seek to further the separation are acting in ignorance or in the most villainous manner.

The Speaker of the House in Quiet contemplation

Seventy-five million Americans believe the election was a criminal affair, a theft on the highest level. National Democrats seeking to impeach President Trump again after the two -year sham they concocted or by implementing a far-fetched stretch of the Twenty Fifth Amendment are acting in the greatest disservice to the nation. If it is the intention of the National Democrats to further the division of Americans, they are succeeding, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House in the most obvious manner. And many of the lesser minions too, deserting national service in the Administration. Rather than posting well-crafted thought on the national billboard many fled posting their virtue instead. They are some of the “little people” who refused to stand tall when strength was in short supply.

National unrest is rife. The recent turmoil in Washington D.C. may be attributed to many. The immediate cause, incorrectly charged by many, are the words of President Donald Trump totally devoid of factual reference. One person of the many making attributions is Nancy Pelosi, who enjoys the platform of Speaker of the House. Ms. Pelosi who appears to be fueled by irrational hate for President Donald Trump appears to be fluttering around like the second character in the opening scene of Macbeth muttering “when the hurly burly is done and the battle is lost and won.” Indeed Ms. Pelosi is well cast for the role. She comes to mind immediately when turning the eye to Shakespeare’s opening scene. The time honored playwright captured the flawed character and motives of many in life and politics. His pen would be scratching endlessly were he alive today.

Another author who may well have been Shakespeare ‘s equal in studying the flawed character of politicians of his time was Dante Alighieri who wrote of politicians and others who were being punished in Hell for their misbehavior on Earth. With an understanding of human nature and the human cry for revenge, Dante Alighieri’s Inferno in Divine Comedy captures it all. Much to the delight of his initial readers he focused on the punishment in Hell for all of those he disliked. He seemed to have a dislike for those he deemed to be dishonest politicians, particularly the barrators who were guilty of the vexatious stirring up of quarrels. He may have had people like Nancy in mind when he turned his attention to the punishment for barrators, their damned souls being pursued eternally by demons in the stenchful ninth pouch of the eighth circle of Hell. Dante had an appropriate eye for justice. This writer, however, hopes sincerely for Nancy’s salvation and her redemption if she turns her attention to peaceful and loving pursuits.

Shaking hands with the President before his outriding days

One of the outriders from the White House who had left before the recent event was General James Mattis retired from the US Marine Corp who doubled back to throw in his two cents indicating that Donald Trump is now a man without a country. His reference, of course, is to Phillip Nolan the fictional Army Lieutenant sentenced to a lifetime of seafaring isolation for words spoken.

General Mattis is an educated, cultured man with a distinguished military career behind him. It is shocking, however, to see his miscalculation when he claimed that Donald Trump is a man without a country indicating totality of loss.. This writer, a former dogface soldier boy, saw his miscalculation immediately. It is evident that seventy-five million people, roughly half of the voting population, believe Donald Trump’s election was stolen from him. The General would be better served with an exercise in mathematical accuracy. Based on his premise his conclusion should be that Donald Trump is a man with half a country.

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