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Full Disclosure

This is being written on November 11, 2020.

The Media may have quickly pushed President Donald Trump aside and designated Joe Biden President-elect before the electors convene on December 12, but, whatever, their purpose, Dagwood Bumstead is as much a President-Elect as is Joe Biden. There is no such designation until the Electoral College convenes on December 12 and makes that designation.

Underway, at this time, are legal actions in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Nevada in which substantial voting improprieties appear to have occurred. If just two states, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are audited, and/or recounted to President Trump’s advantage, the swing to Donald Trump would propel him to second Presidential term.

If, Joe Biden is elected, we citizens have the knowledge that he is rightfully elected. Improprieties, however, appear to have existed. Algorithms and the Dominion Voting Systems the Spanish made voting system with China connections is undergoing close scrutiny. The legal team, a host of highly regarded attorneys is very optimistic about favorable resolution.

Donald Trump deserves every courtesy in this situation. The rush to judgement by the Media is a discourtesy to the American viewer and every other citizen and certainly to President Trump. Transparency and accuracy are in themselves, the reasons why we American citizens should be patient. It is our country and we as citizens make the determination as to who will steer the nation for the next four years; certainly not some corporate employees-yes, the media is actually a group of corporations-and the people pulling the lever to quickly and unofficially make Joe Biden President-Elect- are just corporate employees. So, who the hell are they to try to usurp the power of the people vested in the electors as written in the Constitution?

President Donald Trump deserves every courtesy in this close examination of the voting improprieties in the aforementioned six states. He is perhaps, the most accomplished chief executive in American history; he probably gathered more enemies than any other president, the denizens of the Deep State among them.

There is a growing suspicion that nefarious activity is part of this election in question. It could come from many quarters, the Deep State possibly one of them. Some of its members, Romney, and Bush are now suggesting that Donald Trump concede and move on. If so, they are the unwitting foils of the masters of deceit attempting to steal the election. What would prompt such a suggestions?

It was Donald Trump that stopped the flow of purchase orders from the Pentagon to various corporations supplying war making materials. On the first day of the Iraq War, a blizzard of purchase orders stormed out of the Pentagon by well placed business executives to their home offices. The business executives, Deep State operatives obviously, were well aware of the war making plans and had to be part of it. The purchase order is the life blood of the prolonged war. The Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned America about, worked overtime to keep American troops in Afghanistan for nineteen years. Trump knew what was going on and was stopping it. Some generals who worked for him in the White House did not like his practice, quit and headed for the nearest corporate Board Room.

Communist insurgents do not quit. They believe in movements. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the New York congresswomen said what is going on in the country is a ” decades long movement.” The attainment of power over other people (that is us) is that objective; the narcotic of power is their driving force, and the attainment of power awakens the drive for more power. The aforementioned congresswomen was ready to compile an enemies list for punishment when Biden’s election seemed at hand. That list was a demonstration of the sickness of power.

President Trump’s accomplishments are historical and they reshape the nature of things. The realignment of the Middle-East isolating Iran from its neighbors by brokering a peace agreement with Israel and a few of the Arab States with others pending, was brilliant. The Middle East had been a hotbed of warfare for seventy years. Many lives, Americans among them have been lost in that turmoil. Previous Presidents tried to fix things by focusing on Palestine but could not. With one stroke Donald Trump changed all of that and adding another stroke to his brilliance, he hit Iran with another blast of sanctions which surely cut the legs off Iran’s terror subordinates Hamas and Hezbollah, the latter with bases in not-so-distant Venezuela.

Adding to that, he also eliminated ISIS the terror organization out to convert the world to its stone age beliefs. ISIS, unchallenged by the previous administration grew exponentially.

Domestically his brilliance is more obvious. He presided over the greatest economy in American history taking the hatchet to NAFTA and getting all those lost jobs back to American soil. He rebuilt the American military, the very force that protects every citizen of the United States. During the previous administration the military had been reduced to the humiliating practice of cannibalizing parts to make its war machines work. This while China's Navy was surpassing the U.S. in size. Trump poured 700 billion into the military to rebuild it to full strength. All of us who were aware of what the deficiency had become by the previous administration could rest easy. Those who, knew not of the serious matter, enjoyed the quiet and secure bliss of the unaware.

But one important thing that must be remembered is that Donald Trump, initiating Operation Warp Speed, pushed to get a vaccine developed to defeat the COVID pandemic terrorizing the Globe, and at this writing, Pfizer’s vaccine has proven, in tests, to be 90% effective, an astounding accomplishment. The Pfizer Trump Vaccine a major Trump accomplishments- that will effect the World.

Historians will judge America by what we do at this time. All great nations are examined by historians; Pericles the king of ancient Athens the preeminent city -state of (Fifth Century B.C.) Greece knew. He mused about how future scholars would view Athens. After defeating the Persians twice and building the glory of the Parthenon he mused “Future ages will wonder at us, as the present ages wonders at us now.” .The same applies to America now. How will history and the world judge America at this time? Is it a growth moment in time where truth prevails or will it be a dark moment of decline, the final destiny all great nations ultimately experience?

The research employed to bring In Their Own Words to print, reenforced the belief that the Democratic Party is infested with the corrosive force of Communism or, for the gentle mind -Socialism. They are not gentle and do not play by the rules that we expect from our office holders; the company they keep are Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and rioting mobs. They are of revolutionary mind. They are pursuing power over the lives of every American citizen, you and me.

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