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Systemic Racism – The Big Lie

It has been used like a soldier throwing a hand grenade to destroy the enemy. The word racism is so often used by the foot soldiers of the Democratic Party that it is losing its meaning like the “F” word; it no longer registers a meaning on the mind of the proposed recipient. ‘’The old fashion word Bigot has more meaning.

The Democrats may be aware that they have over-used it because the new hand grenade may be white supremist, that is now showing up; it is a rehash of the revolutionary bromide from 1969 stirred up by the revolutionary organization Weather Underground. Joe Biden used it in his recent speech to the Congress. His managers and speech writer may well have been members of the revolutionary organization.

White Supremist probably will not make much of an impression because it is two words and unlike the soldier’s hand grenade which destroys with one blast, it does not work because white people, in their heart, know it is not true and non-white people know that too, especially the Asian -Americans, the highest income earners in the United States.

So where does all the race-baiting come from. How and where did it start? It is outlined in “In Their Own Words which identifies the origin. It started when most Americans were not aware of it, but the politicians knew about it and the Democratic politicians knew a good thing when they saw it. It would be perfect ammunition for the battle of the mind. And that is the battle that is being waged now. It is the battle for the American mind.

The politically astute individual knows that our nation is in the midst of a revolution; like all revolutions it started without the vast majority of the people realizing it. The American Revolution did not start on the field at Lexington in 1776; it started in 1765 when the American citizens were angered by the Stamp Act that taxed them without their having representation in Parliament in London. It was then the first words of separation from England were first spoken. Add in Thomas Paine’s Common Sense which was read and discussed in taverns across New England and the Atlantic States

The build -up of anger followed over the next decade and erupted at Lexington in 1776. Revolution was in the deepest mindset of many of the people who were unaware of its existence. That is what is happening today but there was no Stamp Act. One had to be created, racism was perfect. Get that in the mindset of the people. Create anger, create division.

The politically astute American is aware that there is a movement that has control of the Democratic Party; many astute Americans believe that a far-left segment in the Democratic Party has seized control with the election of Joe Biden to the presidency. His adoption of the racism tactic in his recent speech to Congress seems to affirm that belief.

There was once systemic racism in the United States. It was fostered by the KU Klux Klan, an organization founded and nurtured by the Democratic Party in the South following the Civil War. The KKK, however, is toothless today.

There is no systemic racism in the United States, today, the origin of resurrecting the idea as a political weapon began in 1969 with the Weathermen a radical, leftist organization seeking to overthrow the U.S. Government. It is brought to the forefront on Page 230 of In Their Own Words. It is spelled out there as a lift from Prairie Fire the Weathermen’s handbook on Page 181. The words speak loudly:

  • Creation of an anti-racist white movement is the necessary foundation for the functional unity of Third World and white enemies of the empire. Anti-racist organizing and action can create this unity.

  • “…Organizing a Base for Fascism. In the U.S. this means racism: building explicitly or thinly-disguised, anti-Black and Third World campaigns…”

Those two outlines are alive and well in the Democratic Party. A continuation of the term(s) by Democratic functionaries is an effort to instill that, and other notions in the American mindset; slavery and reparations are others, the latter workable, perhaps, on the uninformed.

The idea of reparations is to add further fuel to the fires of separation of the races in the U.S. It is not a realistic move to compensate for forced labor but to add fuel to the heat of anger.

Slavery did not start in the United States with the enslavement of African people. It was brought to America by Europeans who practiced slavery for quite some time. It started long ago when some people lost a war and suffered the consequences. The pillars of western culture were built with such unfortunates. In Rome, during the first two centuries anno domine, according to the calculations of Caesar Augustus, the population was about 1,000,000 people; about 300,000 of them were slaves. Add to that the Grecian contribution, the magnificent Parthenon that was built largely with slave labor. It is sobering to realize that the cornerstone of western culture was built largely with slaves, those unfortunate to fight on the losing side of wars fought over the Peloponnesian landscape and outstretches of land to which the Roman Armies found interest.

Interestingly enough, slavery in America happened before the first Europeans or Africans arrived in America. Native Americans frequently practiced slavery as the aftermath of tribal warfare. It was common for the victors after a battle to take some women and children from the ranks of the vanquished to replace the diminishment of those two categories in their own ranks. Slavery in America, in a real sense, was practiced in America before the first Europeans set foot on American soil.

Europeans introduced the enslavement of people from Africa. Portugal, Spain, England, and France practiced it and stopped it for various reasons principally economic.

It is a matter of historical fact that the United States is the only country that fought a major war to stop it. The voices of conscience arose from New England crying for abolition of the practice. The economic interests in the Southern States voted to secede when Abraham Lincoln sympathetic to abolition was elected. Over one million Americans died to settle the issue. Slavery in the United States ended in the bloodshed of 1,000,000 white Americans. It is virtually a sin for politicians seeking power to demean the deaths of one million Americans with the warmed-over bromide of racism and the anemic charge of white supremacy.

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