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Joe Biden, Babies, Leadership, Accountability

Trust, the ultimate gift a leader receives from those who follow. A composite of love and willingness rendered, it propels the leader to a plateau few can reach singularly. When so rendered, heights are climbed, enemies cower, battles are won, and history is made. Today, seventy-four million Americans follow such a man.


He stands tall and lean, his face reflected in deep thought then his lips move as words slip from his lips. Meant to impress they are meaningless. He is merely a cylinder of protoplasm, a hollow man. The people behind the cylinder know he is hollow. That is why He is there. He is an image to voice the words of those behind him.

He is the current President of the United States, Joseph Biden. He is now calling for Congress to tighten gun control laws. His colleagues in Big Tech have already assaulted free speech. Both predictable. The Democrats gained a two year stretch from the past Election Day to the next to alter the First two Amendments to the Constitution. The First Amendment the very essence of freedom and the Second Amendment included by the Founding Fathers to protect the First Amendment are under assault by those who wish to change the rights of every citizen. Joe, leading the charge, is pushed forward by those behind him.

Joe Biden claims to be a devout Catholic. He goes to church on Sunday yet he takes positions advocating abortion, a practice severely condemned by the Catholic Church in the United States. Abortion by its very definition is the willful killing, of a baby in its formative stage. That is a very powerful thought. That’s what abortion is- the willful killing of a baby in its early or late stage and that is what Joe Biden advocates. Some might call him a hypocrite. Yet he claims to be a "devout" Catholic reaching out, of course, to 51 million Catholic voters. The posture he has taken fits the classic definition of hypocrite. All good citizens given to the logical thought practice, not, just good Catholics, could call him a hypocrite.

And what is the definition of hypocrite? Oxford’s definition “…is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.” Pride and/or intentional deceit is obviously the underlying ingredient for such duplicity. There is definitely a fit. By definition Joe is a classic hypocrite.

Philosophers and great authors in previous stages of human development have given thought to the very essence of ethics-for that is the category in which hypocrisy falls. Fine literature is abundant with their works. The Bible certainly warrants a place in this discussion. Matthew among a host of others, is quoted thusly: “And will cut him in pieces and put him with the hypocrites. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” That place to which Matthew refers can only be Hell the place where they do indeed weep and gnash teeth. It has inspired great writers throughout history. The creation of Dr. Faustus comes immediately to mind. Christopher Marlowe had Dr. Faustus bargain his soul for earthly gain, Faustus was given something to which he did not rightly earn: fame and fortune.

As Faustus learned, there is a price for everything. In the end, he was carried off to Hell. The punishment in Hell is endless and horrific. No thinker of the past has brought the punishment in Hell for hypocrites to light, better than Dante Alighieri who had great dislike for corrupt politicians. They populate much of his greatest work Inferno, The Divine Comedy. as touched upon in a previous post. Hypocrites were held with great disdain.

If Joe Biden holds true to his behavior and allows pride and deceit to govern his political life, he may well find himself in something like the Sixth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell wherein he marches endlessly under the weight of a leaden cape. This endless punishment just adjacent to the pouch of Hell wherein Nancy Pelosi is being chased by demons through eternity.

Joe Biden, however, is responsible for much more than hypocrisy as bad and devious as is hypocrisy. He is also responsible for national schism. He leads the force responsible for dividing his nation through the use of lies, false accusations and other treacherous acts. Dante’s Hell places those who would create schism in the Eighth Circle’s Ninth Pouch, two pouches below the Pouch for the Barrators in which Nancy Pelosi is being endlessly pursued by demons. In this Eighth Circle and Pouch Joe Biden on a circling plain. is wounded by a demon wielding a sword After the wound heals, he is wounded again and again and again. Since Joe Biden is guilty of both hypocrisy and schism his sins to be expunged should be met dually. All this, of course, in a place where protoplasm does not exist.

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