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Why New Yorkers Voted for DeBlasio

Despite His Background New Yorkers Voted for DeBlasio-And Why They May Again.

He has come to be known as the Clown Prince of Politics in the five circles of New York City where death, destruction and despair have come to be commonplace. New York City is smoldering. Gangs rule the streets, riots are a daily occurrence, citizens and businesses are attacked and fleeing to safer environs.

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”— Thomas Paine

The Police, the famous NYPD, once considered the World’s finest, see their funding reduced, ranks reduced as resignations spiral. Bill DeBlasio who was humiliated with less than a 1% rating by Democrats when he ran in the Democratic Primary is considered by many to be totally incompetent. He was elected by the citizens of New York City despite his communist - leaning background. No, I don’t use the soft term socialism, that is only a step toward the reality of communism. Socialism is only used by talking heads who are nervous about-facing reality. Vladimir Lenin who was never nervous about-facing reality said it right out “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Communism is the strong term my co-author and I selected for the totalitarianism we selected to identify In Their Own Words. If the Democrats win the Presidential Election in November it will turn the United States into a one-party state as the Federal Government will see hundreds or more probably thousands of Sanders followers flooding into the Federal Government to administer new policies foreign to American tradition. If the Congress falls to the Democrats, new states, certainly Washington D.C. and perhaps an island offshore, will be created to further insure a Democratic hold on power for years, perhaps decades long, as America, as a one party nation, slips into decline and is eclipsed and controlled by China.

Despite his apparent ineptitude, DeBlasio may be re-elected again.

NEVER! You say.

Yes, indeed, he was profiled in the Best-Selling Book in Their Own Words. It is all there. He married and honeymooned in Cuba, and quotes Che Guevara freely New Yorker Magazine quoted him too when he professed that “I was in a movement that I thought made a lot of sense.” A thorough analysis into DeBlasio’s background in In Their Own Words might well unearth a plentitude of reasons why he should never have been elected in the first place.

By why was he? And why might he be again? The reason is very basic. His background is quite visible and was captured by the authors of In Their Own Words. But the basic reason is frightening.

I am the co-author of “In Their Own Words.” My co-author Terry Turchie was a distinguished member of the FBI and best known as the Head of the UNABOM Task Force that captured the Unabomber and subsequently other high-profile criminals. Prior to that however, he was an agent in the Counter-Intelligence section in the FBI’s New York City office focusing on the Soviet Spy Ring operating out of the United Nations and the Communist Party of America (CPUSA). He does know a great deal about communism in America and the toxic ideology that has a strong foothold in the Democratic Party.

My co-authorship rests on the fact that I am a former politician, once active in the Democratic Party. My political instincts were good. I left the Democratic Party no longer comfortable with the association when the Clintons dominated the Party and I registered as an Independent. When I was active as a Democrat, I ran political campaigns in suburban NYC.

Forty-five years ago, when I was coordinating a four-county congressional campaign; the incumbent congressman had voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution precipitating the Vietnam War and my instincts told me he was right. He was. I learned a great deal in that experience. One of those things will explain why I think Bill DeBlasio may be reelected Mayor of New York City despite his ineptitude. The thing is called voting pattern. It would hold true for Atilla the Hun as it well may for Bill DeBlasio.

During the campaign I sought to get the congressman a third-party nomination from the Liberal Party. It had a cache then that attracted intellectuals. It projected an image as the party of the thinking individual.

It began when two individuals who had approached us in an apparent effort to connect, appeared to head the local wing of the Liberal Party. I made an appointment to sit down with them at their place to discuss the possibility of a nomination. If we got them to nominate our congressman, I assumed that we would also get some financial support. This was before primaries were used to select candidates.

When I raised the possibility of a nomination, I was advised that they would give serious consideration to it.

“What about your convention to select?” I asked. “When will that be held?”

They hemmed and hawed. ” There would be no convention.

“Well how do your committeemen select a candidate?”

There were no committeemen or committeewomen.

And as you might surmise, there was no money either.

This was no functioning party. Just an image, an illusion.

The meeting for their purpose was to get financing from us.

I had some difficulty adjusting to this reality because my earliest perception was that the party was a bona fide force in the state.

As reality set in, we agreed to finance a big rally for our candidate under their banner. It was summertime. It would be a big outdoor party for their people. They would send out word to their people.

As the affair began, no one had come. The words sent out to their people apparently never reached them. Yes, of course, that had to be the reason. We were fast having a non-event.

We hurriedly gathered our committee people, campaign volunteers and any passing citizen who might enjoy free beer, pizza and who would agree to pose for a picture. The one saving factor was that the press was late.

The lesson learned is that the Liberal Party that attracted the intellectual thinkers at that time was hollow. It was nothing but a cachet that attracted those “intellectual” voters to cast their ballot for our candidate on their ticket rather than our ticket which was more representative of the candidate’s beliefs. When the “intellectual” thinkers were casting their votes for that party, they were casting their votes for an illusion, a man who didn’t share all the beliefs they typically did.

It became apparent people will respond to illusion because they often do not think. Voting patterns are based on that fact. People don’t often think.

And why don’t people think?

They are trained from earliest childhood to react rather than to think. New Scientist Magazine reported a study comparing the early development of a chimpanzee and a human being. Chimps develop cognitive skills earlier than humans because chimps must develop a thought process in order to accomplish and survive. Humans imitate merely to accomplish. The New Scientist article illustrated with a walnut. The chimp child will figure out a way to open a walnut. He will get a rock and smash it. The human child will simply go where his parent put the nut cracker and use that. Pure imitation of the authority figure. Then the teacher, clergyman, and all the authority figures to follow will use up lifetimes telling people how to think. Advertisers know this…and I assure you, politicians know this so well.

DeBlasio may survive if New Yorkers continue to imitate but if they begin to think, he may not.

In Order to help stimulate the thought process of New York City ‘s citizens, of which I once was, Chapter Five of In Their Own Words examines DeBlasio’s history and sheds beams of light on his communist/socialist dealings in Cuba. One comes to understand that his gross ineptitude allowing the great city to fall into ruin may be in concert with other American cities i.e. Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis concurrently in great disruption, and may be part of a much larger plan reflected in DeBlasio’s attack on his own police force.


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